SPCOMEX develops customized projects to enable or improve tax and operational costs incurred in import operations, the objective is to refine the processes, from its origin abroad, nationalization and subsequent stages, among the studies we highlight the analysis of agreements between countries and interstate protocols which may reflect in the rates of II to ICMS ST.

Who we are

Founded in 2005, in view of Brazil's growing participation in world trade, it operates in this segment offering its customers complete solutions in Comex to enable and realize international operations.

SPCOMEX aims to optimize results for its clients seeking logistics solutions, market innovations and tax studies, with emphasis on chemical and petrochemical products with and without similar products in Brazil (Camex list).



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Street XV de Novembro 759, 10º Floor. Room 1007 Centro

Zip code 89010-902 - Blumenau - SC

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Tel: +55 (47) 3037-3322

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