Import Services

Provision of import services:

Account & Order of Third Parties

Generating savings at all stages of the import process


We performed the administrative process to open Ato Concessório in the integrated Drawback system.

Tax benefits

Tax benefits in several states of the country.

Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Technical assistance, supply and differentiated financing for products of this follow-up

Customs clearance

Customs clearance throughout the Brazilian territory.

Factory audit

Audit of production processes and product quality as required by each customer.

Radar control

Control of the radar limit, when there is exclusivity between the client and SP COMEX.


Concession of municipal, regional or state exclusivity for products negotiated through supply agreements between SP COMEX and the foreign manufacturer.


Contracting of international freight.


Contracting of international insurance.


Documentary audit of all processes.

Release of licenses

Release of licenses as required by Brazilian government agencies.


Advising with banks and investment funds to obtain international resources


Inspection of production, prior to shipment or loading (according to the needs of each client).

Accounting guidance

Guidance to accountants regarding the issuance of invoices and accounting entries.

Legal advice

Legal guidance in international affairs.

Online management

Online process management.

Account Manager

Technical and personalized customer service, centralized in an account manager.


Physical and digital filing of documentation for five years.


Investigation of suppliers with the bodies of the countries where they are located.

Correction of docs

Conference and correction of all documents required for customs clearance.

Business trips

Customer follow-up on international business prospecting trips.

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